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  1. I live in a Chicago low-income housing and trust fund apartment and y apartment is infested with roaches and Optimus reality can not get them out

    1. What do you mean the landlord cannot get them out? Is the landlord taking steps to eliminate the problem in every unit using a regular month plan. The landlord should be able to get the problem under control. If the landlord is more haphazard in the approach then the roaches will move from one unit to another. Because your rent is subsidized you will have to be more careful in how aggressivbe you wish to be pushing the landlord as it could lead to the landlord threatening you with eviction or actually evicting you should you not follow all the laws precisely.

      You can always call 311 and request an inspection. Pests are against the building code.
      Secondly, Chicago’s Ordinance allows tenants to write a letter to the landlord in which you give the landlord 14 days to fix the problem. In the letter state that if the problem is tot fixed you will hire an exterminator and take the cost off of your rent. The law allows you to deduct the greater of $500 or one half of months rent with the caveat that you cannot exceed a month’s rent.

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