A Call to Action from MTO

Last updated: March 12, 2013 – 1:48 PM

End Discrimination Against Housing Choice Voucher Holders in Suburban Cook County

Dear Friends & Supporters:


This year, MTO, Access Living and Progress Center of Illinois and numerous supporters and endorsers are embarked on an effort to win passage of an amendment to the Cook County Human Rights Ordinance (CCHRO).   The Source of Income protection – co-sponsored by Commissioners Jesus Garcia, Larry Suffredin and Robert Steele, would end discrimination against Housing Choice Voucher holders.

The CCHRO currently allows landlords to deny Housing Choice Voucher holders the right to apply for an apartment.  Contrary to beliefs promoted by opponents of the amendment, a landlord would not be forced to rent to a voucher holder applicant.  The landlord can still screen a tenant based on reasonable criteria such as past rental histories, credit checks, etc.  Any successful landlord will tell you that the key to success is a good screening process based on facts.  Click here to read more.

The amendment has 6 supporters on the Cook County Board of Commissioners:

7th District Commissioner Jesus Garcia, 13th District Commissioner Larry Suffredin, 2nd District Commissioner Robert Steele, 3rd District Commissioner Jerry Butler, 5th District Commissioner Deborah Sims, and 10th District Commissioner Bridget Gainer.

-Call to Action-

Please CALL and/or EMAIL the following Commissioners to express your support for the amendment.

Commissioner Earlean Collins (1st District):  312-603-4566 or 773-626-2184 – earlean.collins@cookcountyil.gov

Commissioner Edwin Reyes (8th District):  312-603-6386 or 773-588-1129 – edwin.reyes@cookcountyil.gov

Commissioner Joan Murphy (6th District):  312-603-4216 or 708-389-2125 – joan.murphy@cookcountyil.gov

Commissioner John Fritchey (12th District):  312-603-6380 or 773-871-4000 – commish@fritchey.com 

Commissioner Peter Silvestri (9th District):  312-603-4393 or 773-774-8554 – cookcty9@aol.com

Commissioner Jeffrey Tobolski (16th District):  312-603-6384 or 708-352-2301 – jeffrey.tobolski@cookcountyil.gov


Let us know how it went and find out more about how you can get involved in this campaign.  Contact Shirley at shirley@tenants-rights.org or 773-292-4980 ext 224.