You are invited to MTO’s Annual Bowl-a-thon: Sat, August 13th

Last updated: June 12, 2011 – 12:06 PM

It’s time for MTO’s 24th Annual Bowl-a-Thon!

Why should you come bowl with MTO on Saturday, August 23rd?

  • great prizes to win in categories such as: highest score, best team name, lowest score, etc
  • free pizza, pop, and t-shirt
  • you can bring your own team with old friends, or join an MTO team and make new friends
  • you’ll be helping your community AND having fun

How does it work?
Once you’re on a team, you get a packet and start collecting pledges. All pledges to the Metropolitan Tenants Organization are tax-deductible. Your supporters can make a flat pledge, or they can pledge a certain amount per pin that you knock down. Each team will play three games, so if you score 100 points in each game, and your friend Joe pledged you $0.05 per pin, your friend Joe contributed $15. Collecting pledges is helpful because as long as you get at least $75 worth of pledges, you can bowl (and win prizes) for free!

To bowl in the MTO Bowl-a-Thon, call or email Clarissa today at 773.292.4980 x 222 or You must be registered to bowl.

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