MTO hotline caller featured in the Chicago Tribune

Last updated: September 23, 2010 – 3:14 PM

In late August, an Albany Park household contacted MTO’s hotline regarding bed bugs in their unit. After door knocking the entire building, an MTO organizer discovered that many of the renters in the 20+ unit building were dealing with these critters. MTO is working hard with their building and several others city-wide that are affected by bed bug infestations in efforts to work with landlords on eradication. Click here to read the Chicago Tribune article about their battle with bed bugs and the trends the city of Chicago has seen with them.

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  1. This is a huge problem! My girlfriend and I are currently dealing with the same problem, we have not slept properly for over a week, and I am a college student in the middle of Mid Terms, and also working 30 hours a week.
    The Orkin Man came today to spray and I am staying at a hotel for a couple days meanwhile I am seeking different apartments to move into during spring break. We moved all our clothes including anything that the bugs could infest on into a vacant apartment and my plan is to wash and dry with extra heat before bringing them into my new place or before any action which could spread. My landlord assured me this is the first time this has accrued in the building, but the Orkin Man insured me had already been to two other rooms in the building, and that the building itself has a problem.
    I am going to make sure my landlord will be informed on everything, including the price I have had to pay for laundry loads, and hotels. He has paid the Pest Control for a month of service in these 3 apts in the building out of “his own pocket” which consists of the orkin man spraying your apt 3 times in one month. But this is too long for me to get the situation under control, so I will be moving out before that.

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