TAKE ACTION: Show your support for two important housing initiatives!
March 22, 2017 – 11:19 AM | No Comment

MTO and its allies are working on two important rental housing initiatives: Just Cause for Eviction and the Chicago Healthy Homes Inspection Program (CHHIP). These are two pieces of a broader housing justice platform of affordability, accessibility, habitability and …

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Evictions & Foreclosures

Guides about evictions, foreclosures, and moving out.

Apartment Conditions & Repair

Find out how to address repair issues with your landlord.

Leases & Security Deposits

Starting and ending the rental agreement; security deposits.

Heat, Utilities & Other Essential Services

Gas or water turned off? No heat in your apartment? Click here.

Lockouts and Retaliation

Lockouts, unlawful landlord entry and more.

Noise and Neighbors Noise and Neighbors

Noisy and problematic neighbors are one of the most difficult issues to solve.
First off, both parties are tenants. Both have rights. These problems range from neighbors selling drugs to throwing an occasional party. It is …

Chicago Public Radio: Renters Caught in the Housing Collapse Chicago Public Radio: Renters Caught in the Housing Collapse

Thousands of buildings went into foreclosure last year in Chicago. And they weren’t all bungalows and condos. Joining us to talk about how foreclosures are affecting renters is John Bartlett. He is executive director of the Metropolitan Tenants Organization in Chicago.

ABC7 Local News : Tenants Protests Rent Increase ABC7 Local News : Tenants Protests Rent Increase

Midway Garden apartment tenants protest the sudden rent increase of 30 percent at their apartment building located on East 60th Street and South Cottage Grove Ave.

Exceptions to the Chicago Residential Landlord Tenant Ordinance

If you live in Chicago, the Chicago RLTO governs your tenancy unless you reside in:

An owner occupied building containing less than seven apartments;
A hotel, motel, inn, rooming house, or boarding house (unless you have resided …

Chicago Municipal Code – Full Text Link

For those who are interested in where most of the information on this website is sourced from, please see Chicago’s entire Municipal Code through this link.

Chicago Environmental Noise Ordinance

Chicago Environmental Noise Ordinance_2