Last updated: November 6, 2009 – 11:20 AM

Current Campaigns

Chicago Healthy Homes Inspection Program: The proposed City ordinance would change Chicago’s inspection to a proactive model rather than a reactive one. Under CHHIP, the City of Chicago would inspect all rental units on a regular 5-year cycle for health and safety violations. Currently, Chicago’s complaint-based system places the burden on renters to tattle on their landlords and, thereby, risk spoiling the relationship, getting hit with retaliatory rent increases, or even evictions.   The proposal will increase maintenance and will protect the health of families.  Inspectors will look lead paint and other housing based health hazards. The CHHIP will, over time, improve the habitability and quality of the housing stock, reduce illnesses caused by disrepair. The CHHIP will promote “development without displacement.

Just Cause/Good Cause for Eviction Ordinance: Currently, Illinois and Chicago law allows landlords to evict families without stating a reason. So a tenant who has paid their rent on time and followed the rules can still get kicked out and receive a 30-day notice terminating the lease.   Many of these “no cause” evictions are filed by banks after foreclosure, profiteers engaging in mass evictions, or landlord retaliating against tenants. Evictions harm the renter’s credit report, making it difficult to secure housing. It is estimated that more than 20% of Chicago’s 30,000 yearly eviction cases are without cause. Just Cause/Good Cause promotes neighborhood stability. The law would require landlords that pay relocation for rent-paying, lease abiding tenants. Three states and over 20 cities already require just cause/good cause to evict.

Just Housing Initiative: Nearly 50% of Black males have been arrested by age 23 and 1 in 3 Americans have a criminal background. People with criminal backgrounds often have a hard time renting. An amendment to the Cook County Human Rights Ordinance would limit landlords to a three year look back for convictions and would prevent landlords from using arrest records without a conviction or juvenile arrest records. We need an amendment to the Cook County Human Rights Ordinance banning unlawful discrimination in real estate transactions based on one’s covered criminal history; including arrests, certain convictions, and records of offenses that have been ordered sealed or expunged. It would also protect juveniles.

Keeping The Promise: This ordinance would create accountability for CHA. The law would require CHA to regularly report to Chicago City Council. The proposal would also mandate that CHA replace on a one for one basis and subsidized building torn down.  Under the Plan for Transformation, the City of Chicago lost approximately 8,000 units of affordable housing. The law would promote CHA increasing its utilization rate for voucher. Currently CHA has a $400,000,000 in reserves.

Rent Control: MTO is committed to ensuring that all families can afford rent. The first step in this multi-pronged effort is to remove the state barrier to municipalities implementing controls on rent. Representative Will Guzzardi has introduced HB 2430 which would get rid of the state’s preemption and allow cities like Chicago to implement controls on rent.

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