Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention

Last updated: November 2, 2009 – 3:20 PM

Do you have a child under the age of 6 living in your home? Did you know that the vast majority of lead poisoned children are poisoned in their own homes? Caretakers of young children (6 or under) are encouraged to contact us through the Renters’ Rights Hotline or by direct self-referral. Callers will receive information on lead prevention, instructions on how to schedule a Healthy Homes visit and what actions they can take to ensure their homes are lead-free.

Caretakers whose child has a confirmed elevated blood lead level (EBLL) should file a report with the Department of Health and request a free lead inspection. Lead dust hazards are nearly always invisible. Only a lead inspector can ensure a home is lead safe.  If hazards are found, callers will be given the tools and information to make sure their child is not further affected by the poisoned environment, either by seeking a timely abatement of the hazards or moving to a lead safe residence.

If you would like speak with a Healthy Homes Educator about childhood lead poisoning, please contact call 773.292.4980 x 225.  In order to receive information about your home in a timely manner, please be prepared to provide your first and last name, full address, phone number, renter/owner status, and the age of children residing in the home.  All case information will remain strictly confidential.

For more information on lead prevention and resources, click on the links below: