Renters Resources during COVID-19

Last updated: March 21, 2020 – 6:47 AM

What You Should Know

(Updated on 3/30/20)

There is currently a mandatory state-wide “shelter in place” order

This executive order does not apply to essential services that you may need to leave your house for including physician visits, vet visits, grocery stores, gas stations, pharmacies, essential infrastructure and public transit. Read the full order here or visit the questions and answer page here to see if your industry is included in the list of essential services.


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How to Get Help

To apply for unemployment benefits, click here.

To apply for Medicaid health insurance, click here.

To apply for SNAP food benefits, click here.

To apply for Rental Assistance with IL Dept. of Housing, click here.

To apply for Rental Assistance with the City of Chicago, click here.

  • Food Resources– The Greater Chicago Food Depository has been buying more food and packaging thousands of grab and go meals so families can maintain social distancing. The outreach team is also available to assist people who need to get connected to the snap program. Their number is (773) 8430-5416. Food pantry- Care for Real

NOTE:  All TANF and SNAP work requirements are currently suspended until mid-April, at least. Individuals who have a work requirement will not be penalized for not meeting at this time. You will be excused for “good cause” and will continue to receive your SNAP and TANF benefits

How can I get help from HUD or CHA?  

  • HUD is open for business but will NOT accept walk-in visitors at this time. They will provide services via phone/online while they focus efforts on serving people most in need.
    • Online: Click Here
    • Email: Send an email to:  (note: underscore between IL_ and Webmanager)
    • By Phone: Call your local office: (312) 353-6236

  • CHA is open for business but will NOT accept walk-in visitors at this time.
    • By Phone: Call your local office: (312) 742-8500

More COVID-19 Resources

City of Chicago Corona Virus Response Center

  • Food
  • Housing
  • Employment
  • Utilities
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Illinois Housing Action’s comprehensive COVID-19 Resources website

  • State, County and local resource lists
  • Situation updates
  • Information specific to renters who need assistance

Centers for Disease Control website

  • Downloadable factsheets and flyers in English, Spanish and Simplified Chinese
  • Health and hygiene recommendations
  • Travel guidance
  • Situation updates
  • Information specific to schools, workplaces, etc.

Illinois Department of Public Health COVID-19 website

  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Regularly posted updates on new cases in Illinois
  • Updated cautions and advisories
  • Recommendations specific to Illinois

Cook County Department of Public Health website 

  • Information for healthcare providers and communities
  • Detailed health and hygiene recommendations
  • Contact information for suburban Cook County
  • Information for individuals: Clean, Cover and Contain


Illinois Dept. of Public Health’s hotline: 800-889-3931 or email

The City of Chicago hotline: 312-746-4835 or email 

Other Tips for Chicago Renters

  • Talk to your landlord or property manager right now if you anticipate an issue paying rent. Put all your conversations in writing.

  • Ask your landlord or property manager how they are responding to the crisis and what they are doing to ensure residents safety. 

  • Call/text/email your neighbors, friends, and family, especially if they are Seniors.

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