Stand Up Against the Eviction of a Tenant for having Bed Bugs

Last updated: June 17, 2011 – 7:09 AM

On Thursday, June 23rd, please join the Metropolitan Tenants Organization at a rally supporting a YMCA senior, disabled resident, Alonzo Carter. Alonzo is a member of the Emil Jones Tenant Council in a property owned and managed by the YMCA.  The YMCA’s Emil Jones building is a senior complex located at 19 E. 110th Place.  The YMCA filed an eviction case against Alonzo in housing court for non-compliance for bed bug extermination – a strenuous process involving heavy lifting, moving of large furniture, etc, which is often too arduous for elderly and disabled residents to do without assistance.

In an effort to comply with the bed bug extermination of his unit, Alonzo threw out some of his furniture.  The property managers instructed the building maintenance team to remove some of his furnishings, which according to bed bug experts, is illegal and typically not necessary. The disabled tenant was also required to do some heavy lifting of furniture.  Although there was an infestation in multiple units and many tenants were unable to fully comply with with the preparation process, the only 2 eviction cases filed were against members of the tenant council.

At a jury trial that took place on April 20, 2011, he was found guilty.

Despite the jury’s poor decision there is still hope!  His attorneys
are filing a motion for Judge Leonard Murray to overturn the eviction.

Bed bugs have become a common nuisance in the City of Chicago and renters should be aware of potential illegal landlord retaliation. Chicago is fifth in the nation in terms of severity of bed bug epidemics.

Come join us and demand that the YMCA drop this case and learn about your renter’s rights regarding bedbugs.

Where:   Thresholds Lawson YMCA
Address:  30 West Chicago Ave.
Chicago, IL. 60654

Just of the Chicago stop on the Red Line.

When: Thursday June 23rd @ 12 noon
This event is being sponsored by the Metropolitan Tenants Organization’s Community Congress of Tenants.  If you need further information please contact Robert Clack, 773.292.4980 ext. 242.

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  1. It’s difficult for YMCA tenants to overcome the commonly held public perception of the YMCA organization as a benovolent, well-meaning, good neighbor when in court. The benefit of the doubt goes to the Y, and not the tenant.
    YMCA tenants at the four YMCA SRO and three senior citizen housing sites in Chicago are routinely subjected to invasive and illegal housing practices by YMCA management and have little recourse as affordable housing is a premium commodity in Chicago.

  2. It’s very difficult to overcome the public perception of the YMCA as a big, benevolent compassionate neighbor filled with Christian ethos.

    In reality, the YMCA often personifies a slumlord mentality in policy and practice against the marginalized population that is dependent upon the YMCA for affordable housing in our urban environment.

    Sadly, the YMCA organization, both nationally as well as locally in Chicago, if refocusing its corporate programming from its longstanding and still viable tax-exempt, urban affordable housing operations to state-of-the-art fitness centers catering to a more affluent and increasingly suburban clientele, a market niche already met by for-profit businesses.

    Sadly, Mr. Carter found out firsthand about YMCA compassion, but he is only one out of thousands to learn the truth of the YMCA.

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