Take Back Chicago – Nov 11th

Last updated: October 28, 2014 – 9:07 AM

take_back_chicagoThe people of Chicago deserve leaders that listen to us. It is time that we take back our city from the corporate raiders devastating our communities. We demand leaders that are willing to stand against corporate interests and invest in what our neighborhoods want and need. No matter what issue you work on or which community you live in, it is critical time to act.  A recent study concluded that 90% of Americans are worse off than they were 25 years ago.  At the same time, the corporate elites are enjoying record profits. So, what do we want?

  •  On the state level, we need our elected officials to pass an increased minimum wage demanded by Illinois voters.
  •  In Chicago, we need our elected officials to protect domestic and tipped workers and pass an increased city minimum wage of $15/hr.
  • We believe that Chicago’s parents know more about how our schools should be run than downtown businessmen. We want an elected representative school board that listens to the community!
  • Our neighborhood residents are homeless while money that is supposed to be spent on housing vouchers instead sits in Chicago Housing Authority’s bank account. We need immediate reform of CHA and housing policies that put people into homes instead of money into bankers pockets.

Come out on November 11th and make the corporate elite and their political puppets listen to our voices as we demand equity, democracy and accountability! Join and share the Facebook event page by clicking here.

Our Jobs, Our Schools, Our Homes: Our City!

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