Employment Opportunities

Last updated: December 29, 2020 – 8:24 AM


Position Title:              Organizer

Salary Range:              $ 35,000 – $ 43,000, Excellent Benefits, including health and dental

                                    Novice, Intermediate, Seasoned and Senior

Classification:             Full-time, Exempt

Supervisor:                  Organizing Director


Organize tenants, tenant associations, community activists and housing advocates to develop and implement actions and campaigns that result in tangible victories, convene building strategy meetings including planning and executing direct actions when necessary; develop and conduct training opportunities to strengthen tenant leadership skills.  The Metropolitan Tenants Organization is a Chicago membership organization that exists to organize, educate and empower tenants to have a meaningful voice in decisions, which affect the affordability of decent, safe, and accessible housing.


Building Organizing

  1. Form tenants’ associations, conduct one on ones, outreach to tenants, set up initial tenant meetings, build tenant leadership (virtual and in-person);
  2. Develop action oriented strategies for building wide campaign defined by tenant issues;
  3. Set up meetings between tenants and owners and tenants and aldermen;
  4. Successfully secure victories to improve building conditions;
  5. Recruit members and volunteers;
  6. Identify and train building leaders in meeting facilitation, media strategies, power analysis, action planning;
  7. Oversee the maintenance of thorough records including use of Squared Away app.
  8. Develop and implement media and social media strategies including: developing materials including, press releases, bulletins, testimony, etc.;
  9. Write articles and reports including for website, newsletter and funder;
  10. Train new organizers, interns, volunteers and VISTAs;

Campaign Organizing

  1. Implement issue campaigns and direct action strategies.;
  2. Recruit building leaders, organizational representatives and others to organizing advocacy campaigns;
  3. Work with MTO’s volunteer issues/advisory committees to develop, strategic plan using Midwest Academy chart.;
  4. Train leaders to be successful organizers including speaking with the media, facilitating meetings, meeting aldermen, etc.;
  5. Develop and implement media strategies with communications team including: organizing media events and press materials including, press releases, testimony, etc.;
  6. Set up and organize meetings between tenants and decision makers;
  7. Write reports as needed;
  8. Maintain and build organizational membership and increase collaboration and coordination among agencies to further program objectives and MTO mission;

General MTO Expectations

  1. Perform at 5 hours of hotline on a weekly basis (20 calls);
  2. Mobilize tenants to MTO events;
  3. Participate in staff meeting including facilitating meetings and note taking;
  4. Make tenants’ rights presentations to organizations and tenants;
  5. Actively participate in MTO grassroots fundraising strategies;
  6. Other duties as assigned which support the overall mission of MTO such as assisting in the planning of annual events, campaigns, open house events, etc.


  • Knowledge of Chicago’s social, political and housing issues
    • Experience directing organizing campaigns and 3-5 years direct organizing experience, preferably in housing issues.
    • Demonstrated ability to take initiative and work independently as well as to work collaboratively in teams.
    • Must have experience, ability, and desire to work with racially and culturally diverse communities.
    • Must have strong organizational skills and an ability to work days and evenings.
    • Have excellent communications skills both public speaking and written.
    • Must have a minimum of an AA degree, BA preferred
    • Must have a valid driver’s license, car, Internet and cell phone.

Please send resume and cover letter to John Bartlett – johnb@tenants-rights.org

The Metropolitan Tenants Organization is an Equal Opportunity Employer.