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  1. The sample letter will not load on a Mac on Chrome, Safari or Firefox. Adobe Flash error “Security Error Loading Document info: “Error #2048′”
    Please make the sample letter a downloadable PDF or the like

  2. My water is functioning but my kitchen sink itself is broken and is unable to be used. It is also leaking under my sink and causing water damage. Would this notice apply to my situation?

    1. I do not know what notice you are referring to. If you are covered by the Chicago Residential Landlord and Tenants Ordinance then you can use a notice to get repairs done or to reduce the rent. Depending on the severity of the situation you may be able to use the provisions listed under heat and essential services which includes major Plumbing fixtures. You can make an argument that a kitchen sink is a major plumbing fixture. This will reduce the time of the notice to 3 days.


  3. There has been no water in unit for almost a week. Contacted several times but no response.

    1. Without knowing the reason why there you are not getting any water it is difficult to answer the question. If the landlord shut the water off as a way to get you out of the building then it would be considered a lockout and the tenant should call the police and report a lockout. If the landlord has not paid the bill, the Chicago Landlord and Tenants Ordinance allows tenants to pay the bill and deduct the cost of the bill from the rent. Tenants can also call 311 and request an inspection, though this may take more time.

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