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  1. Does a landlady have the right to require me to store her furniture in the place I’m renting? I have asked her repeatedly for some time now by text, registered letter, phone and in person to get her belongings so that I may have room for my things. I even brought one of her items to her, but she refused to take it. She has said, “I’m not asking you, I’m telling you is to stay… you are responsible to keep it safe. This could not possibly be legal.

    1. What does your lease say? Is there any mention of storing the landlord’s property. When you agreed to take the unit was there any discussion that the landlord may not be fully moved out. If so what was the discussion?

      This question has never come up before. It does not sound right.

      In general when a landlord rents an apartment they give up control of the unit and that the tenant is in control of the unit as long as the lease provisions are obeyed. I would consult with an attorney before taking action.

      If there are no provisions then I might try to negotiate with the owner for a rent reduction until the property is removed. Get any agreement in writing and include a timeline and what happens if the timeline is violated.

      Another possibility is to provide the landlord with a written notice stating that if the property is not moved from the apartment then you will hire someone to move the property into storage and deduct the cost of the moving from the rent. Before pursuing this action, it would be best to run this by an attorney first. You could potentially be liable for any damage to the property and it is not clear that this is a lease violation.

      Another potential strategy would be to file a claim against the landlord for the reduced value of the unit or for the cost of storage.

  2. Hi, I am write this letter to informed that there are neglecting ,and abused Management Agency like Evergreen Real Estate, and Anathoth Gardens Apartments located at 34 North Keeler Avenue, and Evergreen Real Estate located at 566 West Lake Street, Suite #400, Chicago Illinois 60661, are abusing disabled Senior Citizen in the Anathoth Gardens Apts. with the bedbugs, fleas, lice, roaches, tices, ants, and rats have invade the senior building. And the Management Office, and Managers Mrs. Allyson Smith, Mr. Shawn Mintz, Mr. Curtis Harris, Mrs. Tawanda Gordon, and the Maintenance Staff refusing to keeped the senior building sanitized or cleaned on a regular basic, and the Management Staff are refusing to exterimenated or fumigated the whole senior building, but having the disabled senior have to suffer, and be discomforted with paying rent where the Management Staff refuse to get rid of the begs or rats in the disabled senior building nor or they coming up with a reliabled pest control company liked ORkin exterimanation company, because Anderson Pest Control company are using water down solution, and are not exterminateing all of the apartments in the disabled seniors building so the senior building is still invading the seniors tenants apartments, with harmed of health ,and health conditions, and the discomforted of theirs peace of the enjoyment of theirs apartments. The Seniors Tenants are requesting a full investigation of the Abused, and neglected towards the Seniors Tenants, and Terminated all of the Management Staff Like, Mrs. Allyson Smith, Mr. Shawn Mintz, Mr. Curtis Harris, Mrs. Tawanda Gordon, and the whole Maintenance staff needed to be terminated Mr. David and Richard needed to be let go, because of theirs abusive, and neglecting behavior towards the seniors tenants in Anathoth Gardens Apartments located at 34 north Keeler Avenue, Chicago Illinois, 60624

  3. Noisy neighbors and landlords or management companies that will not take action in regard to same are a very big problem in my experience. I do think there are some potential remedies as a matter of law, but I am not aware of any court case that makes it mandatory that a landlord take affirmative action, even though common sense says they should. This is a GREAT topic for discussion.

  4. I am having a problem with the neighbors upstairs .From 1:00 a.m. till 7:00a.m.they play music with a low vibrating wolfer speaker .this is affecting my hearing .I mailed the manager a certified letter on 02/11/2011. her response is she takes this seriously, so far nothing has been done . I have not slept in my bed room in over a month .please ,can you help me !

    1. How loud is the music? Have you spoken with the upstairs neighbor to see if they can position the speakers in a different manner? If it is loud enough to be a code violation have you called the police? Are other neighbors being effected, maybe you could send a joint letter to the landlord?

    2. I had a simular situation i called the apartment manager , the lady above her the police then the owner this went on two years till they finaly were to speak to me about the couple being evicted i had an emergency and couldnt go meet with them that night this female broke in and attact me i called the police and was cuffed and almost maced and i had to leave for thirty days i fought it i called the owned and had a paper trail police reports emails sent to hud and my applieng to legal aide for help final after me and my ten year old almost got killed they evicted the couple i was later harassed by the manager she over charged my rent and sent notices i did not comply with her efforts to contact me i learned to sent letters as back up to every thing discused hud has agencys to help report these issues and i also called and sent certified letters to the owner of the property i jst didnt give up and uyou have a legal bindidng right to quiet enjoyment of your apartment the lease binds the landlord legaly to this so ur burden is to prove it i called held the phone out and left messages the music was so loud and they could hear it. I can not spell but i hope you can get some info from this make a paper trail pictures police reports other nieghbors to support you then put all efforts to resolve it in writting keep a copy and go up the chain of comand till you get help .

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