Tenant Congress

Last updated: September 10, 2009 – 5:42 PM

What is the Tenant Congress? Tenants from across the city of Chicago are organizing the Community Congress to call for better tenants’ rights.

MTO’s programs provide intervention tools and strategies aimed at preserving precious housing stock.   In addition, they help to build confidence and cost-effective resolutions for improving housing choices and stability for residents and landlords.   Everything that MTO does seeks to fulfill our mission and to achieve one of the following goals:

1. Improve building conditions, preserving housing stock and stabilizing tenancy.

2. Increase communication between landlords and tenants,

3. Educate tenants about their rights, responsibilities and remedies,

4. Build tenant participation in the promotion of broader changes to the low-income housing market.

For more information contact:   Shirley Johnson (773) 292-4980 ext.   224