Change of Tenants’ Locks/Re-Key Law

Last updated: September 8, 2011 – 10:40 AM

Public Act 97-470 requires landlords to “change or rekey” locks of rental property after a renter moves out if the new renter has a written lease agreement. If the landlord doesn’t do this, the landlord is liable for any damages for theft that occur. It exempts (1) apartment buildings with four units or less if the owner occupies one of the units or (2) the rented room is in a private home also occupied by the owner. Effective January 1, 2012. State legislative law that applies to counties with populations over 3,000,000 residents.

Read the Full Text of 765 ILCS 705 

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  1. Thank you been studying the law went to check on home this evening saw all the lights on notice door locks have been changed could not get into my own house so I wanted to check the law because got another renter is not paying his rent been given a notice thanks

    1. It is illegal for a landlord to change the lock without a court order. You can call the sheriff’s office and see if they changed the locks because of a court order. If the sheriff did not do it, then you are experiencing a lockout. You should call our hotline 773-292-4988 to get immediate assistance.

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