Healthy Homes Program

Last updated: April 10, 2020 – 10:01 PM

Our Healthy Homes Program helps tenants learn about hidden and visible health hazards in the home, how to prevent exposure and connects tenants with vital resources for improving housing conditions.  Hazards such as deteriorated lead based paint, mold and pests can negatively impact your health and may cause life-long health problems.  Where you live affects your health – on average people spend 90% of their time indoors.  Therefore it is critical to know what to look for and how to safely remove hazard(s).  

If you are a tenant living in the City of Chicago and would like more information, or if you are an organization that would like training in Healthy Homes, please contact us at 773-292-4980 ext 227. 

The Seven Principles of a Healthy Home:

1.  Keep it dry:  dampness provides a nurturing environment for dust mites, roaches, rodents, and molds (all of which can exacerbate asthma symptoms).

2.  Keep it clean:  clean homes reduce pest infestations and exposure to contaminants.

3.  Keep it pest-free:  exposure to mice and cockroaches exacerbate asthma symptoms and inappropriate treatment for pest infestations can cause health problems.

4.  Keep it safe:  falls are the most frequent cause of residential injuries to children, followed by injuries from objects in the home, burns and poisonings.

5.  Keep it contaminant-free:  chemical exposures to lead, radon, pesticides, volatile organic compounds, and environmental tobacco smoke harm your health.

6.  Keep it ventilated:  increasing the fresh air supply in your home improves respiratory health.

7.  Keep it maintained:  poorly-maintained homes are at risk for moisture and pest problems.  Deteriorated lead-based paint in older housing is the primary cause of lead poisoning.

“The connection between health and dwelling is one of the most important that exists.”

-Florence Nightingale  

 MTO’s Healthy Homes Program includes:

Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention

Asthma Management

Integrated Pest Management


Healthy Homes Pamphlet