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Mobile App Coming Soon
September 26, 2013 – 10:34 AM | No Comment
Mobile App Coming Soon

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Chicago Tenants and Chase Bank
July 16, 2010 – 10:23 AM | No Comment
Chicago Tenants and Chase Bank

Her building, 7263 S. Coles, is quite literally falling apart. Bricks are falling off the front of the South Shore apartment building, not to mention the ceilings are falling in and the electricity is about …

Lawyers, Low-Income Housing & Other Resources
April 23, 2010 – 11:00 PM | 22 Comments

This is an informational resource list. None of the following organizations have affiliation with the Metropolitan Tenants Organization.
Legal Organization Referrals
Evictions (tenant must be low-income)
Lawyers’ Committee for Better Housing (referral must be faxed)…………..312-784-3527
Chicago Volunteer Legal Services …

Tenants and Foreclosure – FAQ
December 14, 2009 – 1:11 PM | 36 Comments

Tenants impacted by foreclosure: Frequently Asked Questions
What is a foreclosure?
When an owner falls behind in mortgage payments, foreclosure is the court process by which a bank forces the sale of a building used as security …

Evictions – FAQ
November 2, 2009 – 1:46 PM | 67 Comments

NOTE: If your landlord lives in your building, see the “Exceptions” note on the right side of this page.
What must my landlord do if he/she wants to have me evicted?
She must file a lawsuit …